Wim Vegt graduated in 1973 his study Electro Techniques at the Polytechnics in the Hague in the Netherlands and was during that time chief editor of the alternative School Journal Eksist. Afterwards he studied Technical Physics at the Technical University Eindhoven in the Netherlands where he graduated in 1988. During that period he became part of the editorial board of the alternative University Journal Magenta. During his study Physics he was deeply motivated by the original way of thinking of Albert Einstein and his ideas about the 4-dimensional Space-Time Continuum and his ideas about Light. After his graduation in he was involved in teaching and research. He published in several scientific journals like "Physics Essays" and the French journal “Les Annales de Louis de Broglie". His field of expertise was light and he spend his life on the research to find the secrets behind light and the impact on modern physics like quantum mechanics.




On the fifth "Solvay Conference on Electrons and Photons" in 1927 the concept of elementary particle has been introduced with the fundamental characteristic of a "Particle-Wave Duality". The Material Waves, discovered by Louis de Broglie and mathematically described by Schrödinger in the "Schrodinger Wave Equation", have been interpreted since then as a Probability Wave. A Probability Wave which determines the location of the Elementary Particle. For that reason, particles demonstrate in some experiments "Particle Properties" and in other experiments Wave Properties".


In this new Theory the "Elementary Particle" has been described in a fundamentally different way. Without the existence of any "Complex Probability Waves" elementary particles have been considered to be “Auto Confinements” of “Electromagnetic Waves” due to “Electromagnetic Gravitational Interaction”.
John Archibald Wheeler described in 1953 the theory of "Electromagnetic Gravitational Interaction" in his concept of GEONs (Gravitational ElectrO-magnetic eNtities), based on Einstein's theory of General Relativity. In this theory, Light has the possibility to confine itself due to its own generated gravitational field. However, his theory was not successful. The Elementary Particles, Wheeler had calculated, had a stability lifetime of several Nano seconds and the radius of a Solar System.

In this new theory a fundamentally different concept has been chosen than the well-known "Theory of General Relativity" presented in 1915 by Albert Einstein. This new theory has been based on the "Concept of Harmony". Everything in the whole Universe is in a perfect harmony with itself and its surrounding. A perfect Equilibrium exists in the Universe and every force density has been counter balanced by an equal and opposite force density to achieve a perfect Harmony and Equilibrium within the Universe at Long Range Distance and within the smallest elementary particle. There are no exceptions. Everything is in a perfect Harmony and Equilibrium. This concept refers close to the 3 well-known laws of Newton.


Based on this concept of Harmony the 3 laws for Light (Electromagnetic Radiation) have been developed in which the Radiation Pressure has to be counterbalanced at any time at any place in any direction. In the theory this Equation has been called Equation (5-a) and is closely connected with Equation (5) which describes Electromagnetic Interaction in the absence of Gravity

Electromagnetic-Gravitational 3-Dimensional Wave Equation (5-a)

Mathematical Solution of (5-a) presenting the Elementary Confinement of Light

Graphic Presentation of the Mathematical Solution of Equation (5-a) within the Near Field Region demonstrating the "Particle Property" of Elementary Particles

The Solution of this Equation is Presented in the Graphic Plot below and can be interpreted as an elementary particle with an exact defined radius of 2.6 10 Exp[-85] [m]. At the Near Field (distance smaller than 10 Exp[- 85] [m], the Electromagnetic Confinement will be observed as an elementary particle.

Graphic Presentation of the Mathematical Solution of Equation (5-a) in the Far Field Region (beyond the Near Field Region) demonstrating the "Wave Property" of Elementary Particles

However when we zoom out with a factor 10.000, then the solution will be interpreted like a Confined Electromagnetic Wave with an increasing intensity at a radius of 10 Exp[-81] [m]. At the Far Field (distance larger than 10 Exp[-85] [m], the Electromagnetic Confinement will be observed as a confined Electromagnetic Wave with a wave lenght of 0.5 10 Exp[-81] [m]..


Discrete Values (n = 0,1,2,3... and m = 0,1,2,3...) for the Electric Charge and the Magnetic Spin for Elementary Particles




Two versions of the Published Theory are available:

  1. The Religious Version: “Beyond Superstrings”. This book has been written for the Atheists. For the non-believers. For those who do not believe in God, in Allah, in Elohim. For those who do not believe in YHWH. For those who do not believe that there is a life after death or there was a life before death. For those who do not believe in the human soul that will survive every death. For those who do not believe in evil. I have written for you a special book. Because you are special. Because I do believe that you are so much more than you think you are. You do not want to live in a world filled with lies, fear and fairy tales. And that is because you are a warrior.  And the warrior does not sleep in the same dormitory where the enemy sleeps. Because he knows that the enemy will destroy him in the deepest hour of his sleep when he is weak and defenseless. You are the army that will rise when the darkness falls over the earth. You will become the soldiers on the battlegrounds when the war has come. The war between Light and Darkness. The war between Good and Evil. The war between Love and Hate. I will speak to you rough and without mercy. Because you are asleep in the dormitories of your soul and you do not see that your dormitory is already on fire. Yes I am ringing the alarm bells in the middle of  the darkest hour of the night and will make every sound that I can,  to wake you up from your deep sleep and tell you that the armies of darkness are coming. The Army of Darkness will come like a thief in the darkest hour of the night.
  2. The non-Religious version: “The Particle Wave Mass Unification”  which only contains the mathematical part of my book. This book has been written for them who have found YHWH already and I do not have to speak to them in words they already know.




"Unified 4-Dimensional Hyperspace Equilibrium"

"Beyond Superstrings"

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Gravitational Confinement




Beyond Superstrings


Publication in "Physics

Essays" in 1995


Publication in "Les Annales de la Fondation Louis de Broglie" in 2002



Gravitational Confinement

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Beyond Superstrings

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